An extraordinary luxury villa stay in the wilderness of Niseko.

The scenery of “Kamakura(a type of traditional snow dome in Japan)” style symbolic villas standing side
by side in the forest is like you are visiting an unexplored village.
ANDARU offers a uniquely extraordinary experience and luxurious moments unavailable in the city
to all guests visiting from around the world.

Welcome to Niseko

Niseko is located 120 minutes by car from Sapporo. Surrounded by a national park, it is the perfect location to enjoy the beautiful scenery to your heart’s content. In the summer, you can play in the mountains and rivers surrounded by a cool and dry climate. In winter, visitors from all over the world come to enjoy the world’s best powder snow. And the clean air and water and the harsh winter climate make the various produce here very tasty. Even the most gourmet traveler will be satisfied. This is a one-of-a-kind resort where you can experience nature with all of your senses.



Our mission is to provide our guests with the best vacation experience in the great outdoors.
A great location, a professional staff, and a cozy villa.
What is the ideal vacation we really desire? Andaru Group was born to make your desires a reality.

We offer an unconventional, highly flexible, and extraordinary vacation experience.
The villas are very open and blend in with the beautiful nature around them.
The interior of the villa is filled with our attention to detail.
The furnishings and amenities are designed to satisfy the most discerning traveler.
Personalized service guarantees a luxury experience that cannot be found on existing tours.
We invite you to escape your daily routine and connect with your travel destination to your heart’s content.