Leave your senses to the nature of Niseko
and enjoy abundant freedom.

A new style of travel where you can enjoy both the privacy of a hotel-like villa and glamping to enjoy a sense of harmony.
This is the hybrid resort that combines the extraordinary with a sense of security.
The comfortable space and heartfelt hospitality will allow you to enjoy a luxurious time that you cannot experience in the city.



Niseko in winter is a dream destination for winter sports enthusiasts around the world.
The powdery snow is so soft and smooth that just touching it is an emotional experience.



We have created a new resort complex with only 6 villas for a limited number of guests to make your vacation in Niseko more enjoyable and fulfilling.
Let us guide you to the facilities where you can experience the harmony in the great nature of Hokkaido.



Welcome to Niseko.
The natural environment in Niseko is unique and spectacular like none other.
And you can enjoy and be soothed all year round.